After reading about this case, I started looking at satellite maps of the area and found some odd things. I also have some general knowledge of the area, as well.

Bear with me because this is hard to describe in text and may be a little confusing.

So, the last place she was reportedly seen was at the Monte Carlo truck stop, which is on the north side of I-40 (Point A). Her remains were found a few miles east of there on the north side of the freeway (Point B).

To get from Point A to Point B on the freeway involves going east for a number of miles, exiting the freeway and then re-entering the freeway to come back to the west to where she was found. The road-bed is in a cut through some hilly terrain with a wide median between the east and west bound lanes. Since it's in a cut, the side of the road she was found on is fairly elevated, as well.

One report said she was next to a fence, another that she was under a tree. Do we know which side of the fence she was on? I ask this because in this area there are elk herds and the fences are typically tall enough to discourage the elk from wandering onto the freeway and it could be difficult for even two people to have lifted her over a game fence.

Now, back to Point A - Monte Carlo Truck Stop. There is a side road that cuts off through the forest and meets up with the road at the next exit to the east, but it doesn't come close to the freeway. There is, however, a forest road that starts almost in the extended parking lot of the truck stop and meanders down and comes very close to the approximate location of where she was found. Again, this is somewhat dependent on which side of the fence she was found on.

If the two people she came into the restaurant with were driving a semi, I can't see why they would leave Monte Carlo, driving east, turn around at the next exit and come back to dump her on top of a hill. Nor do I see anyone driving a semi down an unmarked forest road that is not on a map (it's not marked on Google Maps even now).

Given the logistics of all of this, I wonder if she decided to ditch the semi-drivers and ended up with someone local that knew the back roads. Yet again, I think it is dependent on which side of the fence she was found on.

ETA: Link to Google Maps of the area I'm trying to describe.!3m1!1e3?hl=en Monte Carlo is at exit 149.