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    ARLINGTON ó It wasnít unusual for Scott Anthony Sartainís friends and relatives to lose contact with him for several months.
    But when Sartain dropped out of sight for more than four months, one associate told Arlington police that the 40-year-old man was missing and might have been killed. After a 10-month investigation, Arlington residents Kelly Munn and Alejandro Orona were indicted last week on murder charges.
    Authorities believe that Sartain was slain Sept. 6, 2007, in a room behind a garage at an Arlington residence.
    Witnesses told police that Sartain was severely beaten. The homeless, unemployed diabetic may also have been deprived of his insulin, according to an Aug. 7 arrest warrant affidavit.
    Police continue to search for Sartainís body, which witnesses said was dismembered and disposed of at an undetermined location.
    Prosecutor Robert Huseman said the men could be tried even if Sartainís body is never found. A Tarrant County jury sentenced Rodney Owens to life in prison Oct. 9 for the 2007 murder of Glenda Furch, whose body has never been found.
    Munn, 33, and Orona, 32, were in custody on other charges when the murder indictments were returned. Each is being held in the Tarrant County Jail with bail set at more than $1 million.
    Huseman said, "Weíre still investigating possible locations where the body was disposed of, but we had enough to indict them for murder," he said.
    A woman who would only identify herself as Sartainís mother declined Thursday to discuss details of Sartainís slaying and the investigation leading to the indictments.
    "He was employed out of state from time to time, so it wasnít unusual not to hear from him. But this was different," she said.
    Authorities say the convoluted case took them months to piece together after Sartain was reported missing in January.
    After interviewing 11 witnesses, Detective Jim Ford concluded that Munn and Orona were angry after Sartain gave them a forged check that led to the arrest of another associate.
    Four witnesses said they were in the house in the 1900 block of Ridgeway Street when Munn and Orona beat Sartain and tied him up in a room behind the garage. The beating scared the witnesses so badly that they left. Two of the witnesses who lived at the house never returned, according to the affidavit.
    However, one witness told detectives that they smelled decaying flesh in that room several days after the beating. Another witness said he saw Orona and Munn mopping the floor with cleaning fluid.
    Orona said they "had to teach Scott a lesson," but Munn said they didnít mean to kill him, a witness said.
    After Sartain died, a witness said, Munn and Orona dismembered and disposed of Sartainís body.
    They also cut Sartainís black Grand Prix into small pieces with a torch and power saw and sold the pieces to a scrap-metal business, a witness said.
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