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    State Police and its K9 unit retraced their steps Friday in the ongoing search for then-36-year-old Corrie Anderson of Busti.

    Crews searched a house on Slide Road in Ellery that Anderson owned before her estate sold it last fall.

    "They were able to go back and search how they wanted to.
    So that was a good thing," said Vicki Aquisto, Corrie's mom.

    Corrie Anderson went missing in October 2008, and was last seen leaving what was then Lake County Dodge in Jamestown.

    Her family became suspicious when she failed to pick up her son from school. Her car was found two days later.

    Investigators had searched the Ellery property during their initial investigation, but Aquisto says Anderson's estranged husband at the time, Ken Anderson, limited investigators as to where they could go.

    "It wasn't a thing that they could just go up there and search wherever they wanted to search," said Aquisto.

    Friday they could, after the new owners contacted the barracks and gave them access to the property before any improvements were made to it.

    "I'm very thankful that the new owners wanted the State Police to do that," said Aquisto.

    Police did not want to appear on camera, but say they took advantage of the new opportunity to recheck the property.

    After a two-hour search, investigators came up empty.

    "Did I have false hope? No. I really didn't think they would find anything. I just don't believe that Corrie would have been there. Reassures your feeling that there wasn't anything there," said Aquisto.

    Aquisto says it's equally reassuring that police are still working the case more than a decade later.

    "It would be nice to have closure. Life continues. I think of Corrie all the time," said Aquisto.
    Anyone with information is urged to call State Police at 716-665-3114.

    State Police Conduct Search for New Information in Corrie Anderson Case

    By Mark Goshgarian

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    Default Re: Corrie Anderson, Missing 10/28/2008

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