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    TALLASSEE - The mystery remains unsolved: Where is Michael Hearon?
    An unsuccessful two-day search was completed shortly after 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Happy Valley community by several emergency agencies under the direction of the Blount County Sheriff's Office.
    Hearon went missing Aug. 23 after going to his family home to do some yard work. He has not been seen since.
    Emergency workers and hundreds of volunteers scoured the area around the Hearons' Bell Branch Road home for nearly a week in late summer. Blount County Sheriff Jim Berrong at that time called the search off after employing ground searchers, all-terrain vehicles, horseback riders, tracking and cadaver dogs and even a helicopter.
    But in calling off the search, he promised the family he would try again when foliage was off the trees.
    About 55 people participated in Wednesday's effort, tramping through areas not covered the day before. The area is heavily wooded and, in areas, steep.
    The area was divided up into sectors and teams of searchers walked the ground, looking for any trace of Hearon. Nothing significant was found.
    Hearon left behind his truck at the family home with his keys, wallet, money and cell phone on the seat. He was last seen riding an ATV down the road away from the home.
    The ATV was found about a mile away well off the road on another piece of property Hearon owned.

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