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Thread: Diane Prevost, 2, 1966, Parry Sound, Ontario

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    canada Diane Prevost, 2, 1966, Parry Sound, Ontario

    Missing Since: September 17, 1966 from Parry Sound, Ontario
    Classification: Missing
    Date Of Birth: January 2, 1964
    Age: 2
    Height: n/a
    Weight: n/a
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: n/a
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Diane has stitches on one foot.
    She has an indent on the opposite knee where a hot iron touched her skin
    Case Number: 20080210


    Details of Disappearance
    On Saturday September, 17, 1966, Diane Prevost disappeared while the Prevost family was camping at Grundy Provincial Park. Diane was playing on the beach, and would not go near the lake, as she was afraid of the water. Diane wanted to return to the trailer at the campsite, which was about 500 feet from the beach. Her father indicated he would take her back, but when he turned to do so, she was no longer on the beach. The family began to look for her immediately, and after an hour contacted the police for assistance. Despite and extensive search of the park and the lake, Diane was not found and has not been seen since. Diane Prevost was last seen on the shore of Grundy Lake in Grundy Lake Provincial Park.

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    Really great family website about circumstances, family pics then and now..

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    She was added to Doe today...

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    Search for Diane Prevost continues 50 years on

    PARRY SOUND — Diane Prevost was two she was last seen by her family.

    Over the ensuing 50 years, women looking to solve the mystery of their own pasts have come forward thinking they could be the one so desperately sought. In the end, blood tests proved them strangers.

    Prevost’s family isn’t giving up hope, though.

    With her father recently deceased, Diane’s big sister Lise Nastuk hopes she can bring her little sister home to give her mother peace.

    Diane was on a late season camping trip Saturday, Sept. 17, 1966 at Grundy Lake Provincial Park with her grandparents, parents and three siblings.

    The last moments with her family are worn with their retelling to reporters as Lise works to ensure Diane isn’t forgotten by the public.

    As a toddler Diane was afraid of the water, said Lisa, so while her siblings searched for frogs on the shoreline and her dad fished from the dock, she played in the sand. She told her dad she wanted to go back to the campsite and he asked her to wait just a moment and turned to untangle his line. And then, she was gone.

    The family searched. The police searched. And years later, cadaver dogs searched. Her father went back year after year to search. No Diane.

    In 2008 the family had a website created filled with the family’s story, a photo of Diane as the family last knew her and an age-progressed drawing of what she may have looked like at 45. There are also links to the articles and blurbs on the radio broadcasts, a link to the Facebook page where her Jan. 2 birthday is marked and her dad’s 2015 obituary is posted.

    The siblings, including a younger brother born after her disappearance, also have their photos on the site as adults and Lise wrote a message: “Diane, I know you’re alive; your family has waited patiently all these years to find you. If you see this website, please know that you have always been in our hearts.”

    “The rest of my siblings and my (mom) don't want to do interviews, so it’s up to me to … somebody has to do it because we can’t let people forget,” said Lise. “My dad was the one always going back to police year after year, they kept saying there’s nothing.

    "At one point they told him, ‘don’t come back, we’ll call you if there’s anything.’ That just broke my dad. There was no media then, no social media … my friend volunteered to do the website … because people forget. At that point it had been 40 years and a lot of our generation didn’t know the story.”

    A series of articles in Ontario marking the anniversary of Dianne’s disappearance last September had a woman’s friend contact Lise.

    “Then the person called me afterwards and that person had contacted the police officer and had gotten her DNA tested and it had come up negative. She was the one who told me it was negative,” said Lise “We had met a person back in 2009 maybe, when our website was just started. We had met her and we are still friends with her today. Hearing the other side of it, a person who doesn’t know who she is ... we thought of Diane being lost or hoping she is with a good family; to hear a version of a child (looking for a family) … they don't have anything from before so it’s a lot harder for them to find their parents.”

    Over the years, Lise said, about a dozen women — primarily from Northern Ontario — have been tested by police, but Diane remains unfound and she’s had to distance herself from the process. Instead of meeting the women, she directs them to police.

    While Lise was only three when Diane disappeared, she recalls her toddler sister as the rebellious one.

    It was that streak that had her go into a ditch without shoes on a few months before that fateful September day and cut her foot. A scar from that cut is used as an identifier.

    More information can be found at or The Missing Children Society of Canada at mcsc.cs/cases/diane-prevost.

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