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    an6 Claudia Lawrence

    The detective leading the hunt for chef Claudia Lawrence appealed for the public's help in tracing the owner of a pick-up truck which was seen parked outside the missing woman's house.
    Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway released CCTV footage showing a dark-coloured vehicle, probably a Ford Ranger Thunder, parked close to Miss Lawrence's home in Heworth, York, on Wednesday March 18.
    The detective said the vehicle was seen close to Miss Lawrence's home at 9.01 on the Wednesday evening and was later seen driving away at 9.37pm.
    Mr Galloway said he was anxious to trace the driver of the vehicle.
    Miss Lawrence was last seen more than two weeks ago near her home. Despite extensive media appeals and police searches, detectives have failed to trace the popular 35-year-old chef.

    Referring to the vehicle, Mr Galloway said: "I would ask anybody if they know who that vehicle belongs to, who it might belong to, if they have been offered that vehicle for sale...

    "If they have been asked to clean that vehicle, if they have been asked to valet that vehicle over the past couple of weeks. Please come forward and assist the investigation.

    "That vehicle may have nothing at all to do with the disappearance of Claudia. However, it is something I definitely need to establish who belongs to that vehicle, who was with it and why it was there at that time."

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    Default Re: Claudia Lawrence

    Detectives hunting for the missing York chef Claudia Lawrence revealed three new lines of inquiry today, hours after an emotional appeal from her father.
    Police want to identify two men seen outside Lawrence's house the week before she disappeared, and a couple seen having a row beside a parked car the day after she failed to return home.
    Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway, who is leading the month-old inquiry, also asked contributors to Lawrence's Facebook page to come forward and identify themselves.
    He said: "Some of them appear to have useful information but I cannot identify who they are. Some posts have been made under nicknames and some of them are completely anonymous. I would urge anybody who has any information that they are imparting on the Facebook site to please use the police hotline and contact us."
    Lawrence, 35, has not been seen since 18 March when she set off home from her job at York University. She was last in touch with friends at 8.30pm that day.
    Galloway said police were keen to eliminate the couple seen by a passing driver on University Road at 6.10am the following day. He told a press conference: "We think they were involved in a verbal altercation. It's a significant line of inquiry which we wish to pursue."
    He described the timing as "key", as Lawrence was due to return to work early that day. Details of the sighting were too sketchy to suggest whether she might have been the woman involved in the argument.
    The detective asked two men to come forward who were seen outside Lawrence's home on Heworth Road, York, on either 10 or 13 March. One was described as Asian, in his early 20s, 5ft 8in (173cm), of slim build and with a thin, pointed nose and dark areas beneath his eyes. A woman passing in slow-moving traffic described his behaviour as "nervous".
    The second man was described as taller and with a heavier build. He had dark hair and was wearing a Crombie-style coat.
    The investigation into Lawrence's disappearance is the biggest the North Yorkshire force has conducted since the search for multiple killer Mark Hobson five years ago. Galloway said there were "significant concerns" for her safety.

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    Default Re: Claudia Lawrence

    Body Found

    A body has been found in the River Ouse in York, where a university chef disappeared a month ago, police said today.
    Claudia Lawrence, 35, the daughter of a solicitor, was last seen near her home after she finished work at the University of York's Goodricke College. She was carrying no money, bank cards or passport.
    North Yorkshire Police said officers were called to the River Ouse at Bishopthorpe Bridge in Fulford at 10.48am. They were not yet able to establish an identity.
    The discovery comes a day after police issued a fresh appeal over a sighting of a couple apparently having an argument by the roadside shortly before she went missing.

    A passing motorist had been driving along the University Road at 6.10am on March 19 which would have been around the time Miss Lawrence walked to work. On one side of the road was a car with its passenger door ajar and on a bank on the opposite carriageway was a man standing over a woman apparently deep in an argument.
    Miss Lawrence, a prolific texter, spoke to her parents on the evening of Wednesday March 18 and exchanged text messages with two friends. The last contact was at 8.23pm.
    The following day her phone was switched off or powered down and has not been located. So far, the police inquiry has concentrated on her circle of friends. One described her as a sociable, popular and a creature of habit.

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    Default Re: Claudia Lawrence

    Body wasn't her:

    A body found in a river in Northern England is not that of Claudia Lawrence, a university chef who disappeared last month, police said Friday.
    The dead woman remained unidentified, The Guardian reported. The body was discovered Thursday in the River Ouse in York, where Lawrence worked at Goodricke College at the university.
    Lawrence, 35, failed to show up for work March 19. Her parents said they talked to her on the telephone the previous day and two friends said they exchanged text messages.
    Chief Superintendent Ray Galloway said police have two leads in the search for Lawrence. One is that someone saw a man and woman having an argument outside Goodricke College March 19 just after 6 a.m., Lawrence's usual start time.
    Also, a woman told police she drove by Lawrence's house about a week before her disappearance and saw two men outside the front door. She said they appeared to be trying to open the door.

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    Default Re: Claudia Lawrence

    The body of 68-year-old Pauline Armitage who recently vanished from her home in Doncaster was found in the River Ouse yesterday.
    Police are investigating the circumstances of her death but are not treating it as suspicious.
    They say there is no further update in the inquiry into the disappearance of Miss Lawrence.
    The 35-year-old was last seen on March 18 after she finished work at the University of York's Goodricke College.

    Missing Claudia Lawrence

    She has not been in contact with anybody since around 8.30pm that day.
    Detectives said yesterday they were investigating a "significant" new line of inquiry after a motorist told police he saw a couple involved in a roadside argument.
    They said the driver saw a man and a woman arguing near a car with its passenger door open on University Road at around 6.10am on the day she disappeared.
    Miss Lawrence was due to start work at 6am on March 19 but never arrived.
    Her father Peter yesterday appealed for users of online social networking groups to pass any information about her disappearance to police.
    Mr Lawrence, 62, was speaking after detectives revealed people were leaving messages on websites that could potentially help the inquiry.
    The investigation is now the biggest the North Yorkshire force has conducted since the hunt for killer Mark Hobson five years ago.

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    Default Re: Claudia Lawrence

    Published Date: 03 May 2009

    The father of missing university chef Claudia Lawrence, from York, has launched a website in a fresh effort to find his daughter, who police fear may have been murdered.
    Miss Lawrence, 35, was last seen near her home in Heworth on March 18 and failed to arrive for her 6am shift at work at the University of York's Goodricke College the following day.

    North Yorkshire Police have now formally classified the investigation into her disappearance as one of suspected murder and Crimestoppers offered a £10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible.

    Despite numerous appeals by the police and family, Miss Lawrence has not been found or made contact with anybody.

    Her father Peter Lawrence wrote on the website "It is every parent's worst nightmare when something like this happens and the times the family are living through are indescribably difficult.

    "We have, however, been much supported by people's prayers and compassionate thoughts and now our only desire is for Claudia to return to her family and friends.

    "If you can help us in our search, we would be most grateful and the police will appreciate every piece of information you might be able to give them."

    Last week, police urged a man who may hold vital information about Miss Lawrence's disappearance to get in touch.

    A witness reported seeing a man and a woman in Melrosegate, York, at 5.35am on March 19. The couple were seen on a bridge near an electricity substation on the route which Miss Lawrence normally took to walk to work.

    The man was wearing dark combat trousers and was said to be skinny and was smoking a cigarette with his left hand, which has been described as "unusual". The woman was described as having mousy brown hair and wearing a blue jacket and, while police said they did not know if it was Miss Lawrence, they described it as a "significant sighting".

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    Default Re: Claudia Lawrence

    POLICE have released new information about a significant line of inquiry in the hunt for Claudia Lawrence, as the missing chef’s father describes his “unbearable sorrow” on the 50-day anniversary of her disappearance.
    Officers have now received more than 1,000 calls from members of the public offering information that might help the investigation, which is being treated by police as a suspected murder case. Claudia was last seen on Wednesday, March 18.
    In the past 50 days, police have taken nearly 1,100 reports and statements and searched around 1,270 properties in what is the largest operation by North Yorkshire Police since the week-long hunt for quadruple murderer Mark Hobson in 2004.
    Today, police have released an update on a reported sighting of two mysterious men at Claudia’s front door in the week before she disappeared.
    A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said: “New information has now led police to believe that it was March 10 and that both of the men were Asian.
    “One of the men was looking towards the downstairs window, even though the curtains are always drawn, while the second male was looking up at the first floor window.
    “Police are appealing for anyone who saw these men in the area of Claudia’s house or for the men themselves to come forward, as they may have been at the house for an entirely innocent reason.”
    One of the men is described as Asian, between 5ft 5ins and 5ft 6ins tall, with a distinctive, long, thin face with a pointed nose and dark circles under his eyes. He had a long, jutting jaw and dark, straight hair with a fringe. He was in his 20s to early 30s and was wearing what appeared to be a heavy coat, even though it was a hot day.
    The second man was also Asian, of a heavier build, between 5ft 7ins and 5ft 8ins tall, and was wearing a waist-length jacket and jeans that had rivets around the back pockets.
    Meanwhile, Claudia’s father, who said he still believed his daughter was alive, appealed to whoever is responsible for her disappearance to search their conscience and let Claudia return to her family.
    Solicitor Peter Lawrence, 62, said: “It is now 50 days that Claudia has been away from us. The longer it goes on, the worse it gets for myself, the family and her friends – the strain is intolerable and the sorrow unbearable.
    “I want to make yet another appeal to whoever is responsible for taking her away from her life in York to come forward so that she can be reunited with all of us who love her dearly.
    “You know who you are. Search your conscience.
    “We want Claudia back.”
    If you have any information and have not already contacted the police, phone 0845 6060247 or phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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    Default Re: Claudia Lawrence

    The mother of missing university chef Claudia Lawrence said today the hunt for her daughter was 'going down the wrong track' and urged police to 'do something different' to find her.
    Joan Lawrence, 65, revealed she had a 'gut instinct' that her 36-year-old daughter was now 'abroad' and was trying to return to a 'normal' life while police attempt to solve the riddle of her disappearance 10 weeks ago.
    The BBC's Crimewatch programme is due to feature a reconstruction of her final movements on the show, to be aired on June 2nd, and detectives are desperate for fresh clues from the public.
    Asked if there was anything more that could be done by the public in the hunt for her daughter, Mrs Lawrence appeared to criticise the police inquiry.
    'I think on the whole they have been pretty good, I think they have been fantastic, but we still aren't getting anywhere,' she said.
    'Nobody is coming forward, I don't think hardly anybody is coming forward really, nothing definite. Yet I sometimes feel we are going down the wrong track, there has got to be a new input, there has got to be something different. Something just isn't right.'
    The mother-of-two and grandmother told her local newspaper: 'I don't think she's in the country, I think she's abroad. I don't know for certain, I have a gut instinct. I just don't know really, but I had an instinct about a month ago that she wasn't in the country.'

    Mrs Lawrence said she has been coping by 'doing the regular things' every day and said her days have been 'full with phone calls' and friends taking her out.
    'People have been super, they really have. They have been taking me out and feeding me, you just wouldn't believe it.
    She said she couldn't face going out in public at first, adding: 'But now I'm going to things, I'm trying. I'm doing my best. I've got my faith, my family and my friends.'

    Mrs Lawrence lives alone in Malton and has been divorced from Claudia's solicitor father Peter for many years.
    She said she had received 'hundreds' of cards and letters from well-wishers 'and they are still coming.'
    She described her daughter as 'caring, loving and beautiful' and said they had a very close relationship and saw each other regularly.
    Claudia was not believed to be in a relationship or have any personal problems. She lived alone in York and worked shifts in the canteen at the University of York's Goodricke College.
    She was last seen alive on Wednesday 18th March and spoke to her mother from home on the phone that evening.

    She seemed 'fine' and they agreed to try and meet up for the forthcoming Mothering Sunday.

    'She has never ever missed a Mothering Sunday, this is the first time,' said Mrs Lawrence.
    The brunette either went missing later that evening or the next morning - she was due to start work at 6am but never turned up. Claudia had told her parents she intended to walk the three miles to work.
    Mrs Lawrence said Claudia, despite only being a size 10 or eight, was desperate to lose 3 lbs in weight she had put on over Christmas and walked as much as possible.
    'I didn't like her walking to work on her own at that time of morning,' she said.
    But Claudia would often tell her mother that walking was 'her only form of exercise.'
    Police want to speak to a man and a woman matching Claudia's description seen on Melrosegate - between Miss Lawrence's home and the university - at 5.35 am on Thursday 19 March.
    A ?10,000 reward has been offered to help find Miss Lawrence.
    Detectives also want to identify a man caught on CCTV at 5.50 am on 19 March near Miss Lawrence's home in Heworth Road.

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    Published Date: 08 June 2009

    THE father of missing chef Claudia Lawrence today said there was "no excuse" for covering up for someone who may have information about his daughter's disappearance.
    Peter Lawrence said it was possible a member of the public was shielding someone who had vital information about the 35-year-old's disappearance.

    Speaking at a press briefing in Malton, North Yorkshire, Mr Lawrence said: "There is no excuse for covering up for what is potentially a serious investigation. And it is not doing us any good either."

    Mr Lawrence, 62, said he was disappointed that no-one had come forward to say he was the person depicted in a BBC Crimewatch reconstruction.

    He added: "I'm expressing my disappointment. I'm sure the rest of the family feel the same on this particular issue.

    "No-one has seen fit to come forward and say that any of these sightings were us and it was nothing to do with it at all, or someone else who knows who it was could have come forward."

    Asked if someone could be shielding a witness, he added: "That's always a possibility.

    "But this is unfortunately potentially a criminal investigation and whoever it is should come forward."

    The detective leading the hunt for Miss Lawrence has urged men who had a relationship with her to come forward if they wanted their information to be handled in a "discreet, confidential and controlled" manner.

    Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway said it was vital that men who had a relationship with Miss Lawrence in her adult life came forward to help with the investigation into her disappearance.

    Miss Lawrence, who disappeared nearly 12 weeks ago in York, was involved in relationships of "complexity and mystery", and kept those relationships secret from friends and family.

    Mr Lawrence said there was "no rift" with the detective but questioned the language he used in the Crimewatch appeal.

    He added: "I obviously knew the theme Mr Galloway was going to come out with on Crimewatch and why he was doing it. I take issue with him on the use of the language he used on Crimewatch."

    Miss Lawrence was last seen near her home in York on March 18, and did not arrive for a 6am shift at the University of York's Goodricke College the following morning.

    North Yorkshire Police have now classified their investigation into her disappearance as one of suspected murder.

    Last week's Crimewatch programme featured a reconstruction of a couple who were seen arguing at the roadside on the morning Claudia was due at work, March 19.

    It also featured images taken from CCTV which showed a man walking down the alleyway at the back of the houses where Claudia lived at the time she would have been leaving for work.

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    Default Re: Claudia Lawrence

    THE father of missing Malton chef Claudia Lawrence has spoken of his family’s despair that no one has come forward with any information about a possible sighting of his daughter.
    Peter Lawrence, speaking at a press conference in Hovingham on Monday, said that he was disappointed and angry that a Crimewatch appeal on prime time television had not yielded any fresh clues as to the identity of the man and woman seen in Melrosegate Bridge in York at 5.30am on March 19.
    Mr Lawrence said he believed the man seen on Melrosegate was local, simply because he was up at that time, and that he was frustrated that nobody who lived in the area had come forward to identify the man.
    He said: “If that person was local, either a member of the family or a workmate or neighbour knows who he is.
    “Someone could be shielding the person responsible, but this is potentially a serious criminal investigation, and whoever it is should come forward – both to help the police and to put my family out of its misery.”
    During the Crimewatch programme, screened on Tuesday, June 2, 40 people rang in with information, but none was able to identify the man in Melrosegate.
    The man was described by a witness as 5ft 6in tall, wearing combat trousers, and was wearing a dark hooded top, and was smoking, holding a cigarette in his left hand.
    He was seen with a woman who could have been Claudia at 5.30am on March 19, near an electricity sub-station, on Melrosegate.
    It is now 12 weeks since Claudia, 35, who worked as a chef at the University of York, went missing.
    She has not been in contact with family or friends since the evening of March 18.
    Since then her father, Peter, mother Joan, sister Ali and best friend Suzy have all spoken publicly of their hope that Claudia will return to them.
    Despite his disappointment at the response to the Crimewatch appeal, Mr Lawrence said he was pleased with the sensitive way the television programme was produced.
    He denied that there was any kind of rift between him and Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway, who is leading the investigation.
    He said the only thing he disagreed with was Supt Galloway’s use of the word “relationship” to describe people Claudia had spent time with.

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