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    The father of missing chef Claudia Lawrence said the new year will bring no let up in his campaign to find his daughter, adding: "I will never give this up."
    The last nine months have seen Mr Lawrence's world turned upside down as the 63-year-old solicitor has made continual appeals for help to find the university chef who has not been seen since March 18.

    Now he is facing up to 2010 and a new series of emotional challenges, not least Claudia's birthday in February.

    Mr Lawrence says he is hoping his daughter's 36th birthday on February 27 will provide a new focus for the search. And he is asking for suggestions from anyone who may have a good idea about how to mark the day.

    He said: "We will keep the campaign going. We will never give up until we find Claudia.

    "Everyone has been very supportive. Wherever I go across the country, people in the street let me know they are supporting the campaign.

    "I will never give this up.

    "I believe my daughter is still alive - the hope is just as strong.

    Mr Lawrence said his daughter's birthday will be "another difficult occasion".

    Claudia Lawrence was last seen near her home in York on March 18. She was reported missing after she failed to arrive to work at a kitchen at York University the next day.

    Family and friends had no explanation for why the bubbly and friendly 35-year-old disappeared.

    Later, police said they were treating the case as murder and admitted they were examining her relationships with a number of men which Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway, who is leading the inquiry, described as "of complexity and mystery".

    Earlier in December, Mr Galloway said: "I am absolutely certain that somebody knows something."

    The detective said the information coming to his officers had reduced from a "flood to a trickle", but there remained "positive lines of inquiry to pursue".

    Mr Galloway said Miss Lawrence's mobile phone had still not been found. He said the university tried to contact her at about 10am on the morning she failed to turn up for work but it went to voicemail. Just after noon on Thursday March 19 it "detached from the network".

    Mr Lawrence says he is determined to carry on his campaign despite the emotional toll it is taking on him. He says he is strengthened by the support he has received, which has included massive internet contributions on Facebook and through the dedicated site

    Mr Lawrence has also had the unstinting support of his friend and advisor Martin Dales.

    Mr Dales is also determined to keep Miss Lawrence's continued disappearance in the public consciousness in 2010 and believes her birthday will be another key date.

    He said plans for a Claudia Awareness Day on her birthday were under way for an event in York on February 27 and another in London on the day before.

    "The idea for the day has come from her friends and members of the general public who through Facebook, emails and have expressed their desire to want to do something to help keep Claudia's profile raised across as wide an area as possible," said Mr Dales.

    "Although, we are still in the early stages of planning and already have some ideas, we would very much like to hear from people with their own ideas so that as many people as possible can be involved and be a part of this special day.

    "In order to make this happen, we are also seeking partners and wish to engage support both from individuals and from the national, regional and local business and corporate communities as we hope they will wish to be associated with her father, Peter's, untiring efforts to campaign and not rest until Claudia is found."

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    A candlelit vigil marked the 37th birthday of missing chef Claudia Lawrence on Sunday - as detectives admitted they are no closer to a breakthrough in the case.

    Miss Lawrence's father Peter said the ceremony at York Minster was an opportunity to remember all those affected by the "continuing tragedy" of a missing loved one.
    Mr Lawrence, who is a member of the York Minster congregation, was joined by the Archbishop of York and the Dean of York for the short service.
    He led a procession from Mansion House, St Helen's Square, to the West Doors of the Minster for a Vigil for the Missing at the high altar, where candles were lit.
    The 64-year-old solicitor, who has searched tirelessly for his missing daughter since her disappearance on March 18 2009, said the vigil was for all missing people and their relatives, friends and the general public.
    He said: "This continues to be a tragedy for all of us who care about and love Claudia."
    His friend Martin Dales, of Old Malton, North Yorkshire, said the vigil was a chance for people to mark Claudia's birthday.
    He said: "It certainly does not get any easier, and every birthday or Christmas is an extremely tough time for everyone who loves Claudia."
    Archbishop of York The Most Reverend Dr John Sentamu said the ceremony was to let people show their support for the families of Miss Lawrence, Madeleine McCann and others who had gone missing.
    A choral evensong and prayers followed the vigil.

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    Detectives have searched the home of Claudia Lawrence, the missing university chef, as they review her mystery disappearance nearly five years on.
    Ms Lawrence, 35, was reported missing in March 2009 after she failed to turn up for work at the University of York.
    North Yorkshire Police launched an investigation that involved up to 100 officers but she was never found.
    Detectives have emphasised that the new review of the case has not been prompted by any important fresh lead but her family are hoping that it will turn up new evidence.
    Ms Lawrence’s father, Peter, said: “I am grateful

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    A forensic team has begun a new search of the home of the missing university chef Claudia Lawrence as detectives launch a fresh review of the case.
    The 35-year-old was reported missing four-and-a-half years ago after she failed to turn up for work at York University.
    Despite a high-profile investigation by North Yorkshire police involving up to 100 officers, no trace of Lawrence has ever been found.
    Detectives have stressed that the new review of the case has not been prompted by any important fresh lead.
    Lawrence's family has mounted a high-profile campaign to keep the case in the headlines and her father, Peter Lawrence, welcomed the move.
    He told BBC Breakfast: "Without being too hopeful, it does give you some hope. There have been advances. They are able to look at this afresh and any opportunity at all to find out for the family and for friends what happened to Claudia is obviously to be welcomed."
    Lawrence's terrace house in the Heworth area of York has not been lived in since her disappearance.
    Her father said police had exclusive possession of the house for 18 months and it had been empty since then.
    Asked how the house is, he said: "It's feeling sad, if I can describe a house like that. It's not been lived in for four-and-a-half years."
    Police said one of the reasons they were searching the house now was because of the possibility that it could be occupied again in the future.
    Lawrence said: "There must, as we know, still be somebody out there. If this new investigation sparks somebody's conscience, the family really need to know."
    North Yorkshire police have always said they believe Claudia Lawrence had been murdered. The new search of the house follows the formation of a new major crime unit at the North Yorkshire force.
    Detective Superintendant Dai Malyn, who heads the new unit, said: "There's no new smoking gun or startling piece of evidence. I wouldn't want people to believe that's the case. This is just part of the review process."
    Malyn said the search, which could last a fortnight, was the beginning of a review as part of the new team's remit to look at important cold cases.
    "Most cold case review work considers forensic re-evaluation as techniques advance and this case is no different," he said.
    "I am also mindful that, at some point in the future, the house may become reoccupied and these opportunities would otherwise be lost."
    The detective said forensic science was evolving and he hoped advances since 2009 might assist his review.
    He said there was nothing in the house that prompted the decision to search it again.
    "Originally the house was tidy and didn't appear to have any sign of disturbance," he said.
    "But that's not to say you can't do something in a house, then tidy it up to make it look as if everything was ordinary. These are the things that we'll be looking at."
    Lawrence was last seen by work colleagues on Wednesday 18 March 2009, when she finished for the day. She spoke to both her parents on the phone later that night and appeared to be normal.
    Detectives have said in the past that they believed the key to the inquiry was her relationships with a number of men, which a previous head of the inquiry described as having an "element of complexity and mystery to them".
    Malyn said: "As ever, we will afford anyone who contacts us our full attention if they think they have information which could assist, no matter how small or irrelevant they think that information might be.
    "It is never too late for people to come forward with information now that, for whatever reason, they felt unable to share with us in the past."

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    Detectives investigating disappearance of Claudia Lawrence arrest 59-year-old man on suspicion of murder and begin searching house a mile from where she vanished

    Claudia Lawrence, 35, went missing 5 years ago and has never been found
    Man named locally as Michael Snelling, 59, in custody and vehicle seized
    His home is less than half a mile from Claudia Lawrence's house
    A property in North Shields is also being searched by forensics today
    Crimewatch appeal wanted to trace Ford Focus and suspect near her home
    Police will not confirm if this was the man arrested or the car they seized
    Her father Peter, who has campaigned to find killer, has welcomed arrest
    Detectives say there could be more arrests as they try to trace other men

    A 59-year-old man has today been arrested on suspicion of the murder of missing chef Claudia Lawrence, who disappeared five years ago.

    North Yorkshire Police have sealed off the York house of a mental health worker named locally as Michael Snelling and his car has also been seized.

    The property is less than half a mile from Claudia's home, where she was last seen in 2009.

    Officers this afternoon removed bags of evidence, documents and a suitcase and also searched the garden and shed.

    A neighbour on Burnholme Grove, who did not wish to be named, said: 'The police arrived at around 7am this morning but I didn't see anyone being arrested.

    'Mike has lived there for years, about 20 years by himself, no kids or a wife or anything.

    'He works for a mental health charity in York'.

    A source added: 'He's football mad and everybody calls him Geordie Mick. He goes to Newcastle every other weekend to watch the matches.'

    Police officers brought in vacant property specialists to board up the house in Burnholme Grove and a cordon has also been placed around it.

    It also emerged that a different property almost 100 miles away - in North Shields, Tyneside - is also being searched by a forensics team from Yorkshire.

    MailOnline understands it belongs to the suspect's 84-year-old mother, who was moved to a care home two months ago, neighbours said.

    North Yorkshire Police made a Crimewatch appeal two months ago showing CCTV footage of a mystery vehicle, believed to be a Ford Focus, outside her home on the day she vanished.

    Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn, who is leading the case, said in March he also wanted to trace a 'hugely significant' man, in his late fifties, seen outside her house on the same morning.

    The suspect was seen outside her house in Heworth Road, York, by a witness at 6.45am on March 19 2009.

    He was described as having with grey mid-length hair, and wearing a three-quarter length sandy coloured mac.

    The force has today refused to reveal whether this is the man arrested or if it was a Ford Focus they have seized.

    Miss Lawrence was last seen at around 3.05pm on March 18 five years ago, walking back from work towards her home. It is thought she was abducted and murdered on March 19.

    Detectives said today that Claudia's body has still not been found.

    Her father Peter Lawrence confirmed he had been told the news this morning.

    He said: 'I'm very pleased they appear to be making progress by making this arrest.'

    Her mother Joan Lawrence said today : 'I was still in my nightie when they came round, it a completely out of the blue.

    'There seems to be a lot going on and there' a lot that the police haven't told me yet.

    'I don't know what this might mean but it's not the first time there's been a big development which has led to nothing. I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.'

    The force launched a review of the investigation last year after a new major crime unit was established by the force.

    Miss Lawrence was 35 when she was reported missing by her father, Peter, on March 20 2009.

    She was last seen at around 3.05pm on March 18, walking back towards her home, and that night she spoke to both her parents on the phone.

    It is thought something happened to her after she left for work early on March 19.

    Jen King, one of Claudia's closest friends, said the arrest showed progress was
    being made with the investigation.

    She said: 'It has been five years. It proves it's very much still alive in the minds of the police and it just goes to show despite the accusations from people that the police are not bothered they are very much bothered about it.

    'If it goes somewhere that's great but if not it shows the investigation is ongoing.

    'It's a step towards this one day being resolved.'

    Mr Malyn's team has spent two months re-examining Miss Lawrence's small, terraced home.

    They also found the DNA profile of an unknown man on a cigarette butt in the university chef's Vauxhall Corsa.

    Police have said before that Miss Lawrence's mobile and rucksack have never been found.

    Her father has mounted a five-year campaign to find his daughter.

    At the anniversary in March, he discussed the 'torture' his family had suffered through five years of not knowing what has happened to her.

    It is the first arrest to have been made of someone suspected of causing
    Claudia harm.

    Detectives investigating Claudia Lawrence's disappearance said today there could be more arrests as they try to trace others who may have been involved in her murder.

    A cold case review started last year found DNA on a cigarette butt in her car which could lead them to a mystery 'left-handed smoker'.

    It fuelled speculation the 35-year-old chef could have been seeing a secret boyfriend in the weeks before she vanished five years ago.

    Using techniques not available in 2009, police found the potentially vital DNA profile on a discarded Embassy Regal cigarette butt.

    It was found in the ashtray of her Vauxhall Corsa, which was being repaired when she went missing.

    They want to find out if the evidence from the car, which had been off the road ‘for a number of weeks’ when she vanished, is linked to a man who has been dubbed the 'left-handed smoker'.

    The man was seen standing with a woman at 5.35am on the day Miss Lawrence disappeared, at a point on her route to work and at an appropriate time.

    The couple were seen by a passing cyclist and were facing each other several feet apart on Melrosegate Bridge. The man, dressed in a dark hooded top, was smoking from a cigarette held in his left hand.

    Police also want to trace a man who told shop workers he knew Miss Lawrence or used to work with her, but has never been traced.

    The man, identified on CCTV, mentioned the case to staff in Tang Hall, York, on April 1, 2009 - almost two weeks after she disappeared.

    They also found extra fingerprints and DNA material throughout her house but have found no match.

    Analysis of Miss Lawrence's phone records indicate she was spending an unusual amount of time ‘socialising’ in the Acomb suburb of York during this period and police believe somebody she was seeing there is ‘yet to come forward.’

    Evidence inside Miss Lawrence’s house indicates she left as normal early in the morning of Thursday 19 March to walk the three miles to work at the University of York’s Goodricke College for a 6am shift.

    Another more curious item police want to trace is Miss Lawrence’s set of GHD hair straighteners.

    The high-profile police inquiry has always focused on Miss Lawrence’s private life and her parents have been upset by reports about her lovers.

    Police have previously revealed at the time she went missing she was in a secret ‘long term casual relationship’ with a man who was in a serious relationship himself.

    She also went out with a different mystery man 48 hours before she vanished. Miss Lawrence arrived for her early shift looking tired and told a work colleague she had been out until 4 or 5am with a boyfriend.

    Miss Lawrence was a prolific user of her mobile phone and further ‘cell site activity’ analysis showed she was often in Acomb during her spare time in the weeks before she disappeared.

    Although known to drink in a pub there, police believe there could be vital information about this aspect of her social life that they have not been told about.

    Miss Lawrence’s silver Samsung D900 mobile has never turned up. It went dead at 12.10pm on the day she went missing. Police said in March they don’t think it ran out of battery power and believe ‘it was deliberately turned off by someone.’

    When police were called in they found Miss Lawrence’s bed made and dirty breakfast dishes in the kitchen sink.

    Police ‘favour the theory’ she set off for work as planned with her mobile and rucksack containing her chef’s whites but never made it.

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    Claudia Lawrence: Police begin searching alleyway

    Detectives hunting missing York university chef, Claudia Lawrence, are launching fresh searches and inquiries almost six years after she disappeared

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of chef, Claudia Lawrence, who went missing from her home in York six years ago, have begun examining the alleyway behind her house.
    Specialist search teams using highly trained sniffer dogs began scouring the area as part of a renewed effort to make a breakthrough in the investigation.

    Miss Lawrence, who would have celebrated her 41st birthday on February 27, has not been seen since March 18, 2009.
    She was last seen at around 3.05pm on March 18, walking back towards her home, and that night she spoke to both her parents on the phone.
    But the following day she failed to turn up for her 6am shift at York University, where she was a chef and was subsequently reported missing by her father, Peter.

    Despite a vast investigation, police still do not know if she left for work on the morning of March 19 or if something happened to her inside her home in Heworth Road, York.
    If she was attacked at home, detectives believe her assailant would have made his escape along the alley behind her house in order to avoid the busy main road at the front.

    Advances in DNA and forensic technology mean the any fresh searches of the area could throw up potentially crucial clues that were missed the first time around.
    Officers are also relaunching house to house inquiries in the area and are making fresh efforts to track down former residents.

    Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn, head of North Yorkshire Police’s Major Crime Unit and the senior investigating officer in the Claudia Lawrence case, said: “The review remains very active and the team are currently working on a lead that may indicate the alleyway at the rear of Claudia’s house is significant.
    “We still don’t know if Claudia left for work on the morning of Thursday 19th March 2009 or whether something happened overnight within her house.

    “If the latter is the case the person or persons responsible, in my view, would have used the rear alleyway as the front door leads onto a busy main road. This is why this specific piece of information needs to be fully investigated.
    “The activity today focuses on the alleyway with search trained officers and a dog. Officers will be conducting house-to-house enquiries in the vicinity to jog people’s memories about any vehicular access to the alleyway and how frequently this was used by neighbours or other pedestrians.
    “This includes contacting people who have since moved away from the area to assist the investigation.
    We are also checking again that no CCTV recording equipment in the neighbourhood has been overlooked.
    “This remains one of several active enquiries at present that will be developed over the coming weeks and months.
    “Together with Claudia’s family, we remain absolutely determined to solve this case and bring those responsible for her disappearance and suspected murder to justice.”

    Det Supt Malyn added: “This is a very poignant week for Claudia’s family and friends as they should be celebrating her 41st birthday on Friday, rather than marking another upsetting milestone since she disappeared almost six years ago. Our thoughts are with her loved-ones at this difficult time and as we approach the sixth anniversary of the investigation next month.”
    North Yorkshire Police’s Major Crime Unit has been actively reviewing the case since October 2013.

    Last March officers announced a series of new lines of inquiry revealing that a new forensic examination of her house had uncovered the fingerprints of people who had not yet come forward.
    They also found the DNA profile of an unknown man on a cigarette butt in the university chef's Vauxhall Corsa.

    In May Mike Snelling, 60, a friend of Miss Lawrence was arrested on suspicion of murder, but he was later released from police bail.
    In July last year Paul Harris, 46, a pub landlord from York was also arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. He remains on police bail.

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    Claudia Lawrence: Murder arrest over missing York chef

    A man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering missing chef Claudia Lawrence.
    The man, in his 50s, from York, is being held in police custody. Miss Lawrence's body has not been found.

    She disappeared from her house on Heworth Road, York, after leaving for work on 19 March in 2009. Last month, detectives investigating the York University chef's disappearance re-examined an alleyway behind her home for fresh clues.
    Further searches are being conducted and are expected to continue for the next few days.
    The BBC understands the man has not been arrested before.

    Claudia's family has been notified about the arrest and is being supported by trained officers, North Yorkshire Police said.
    Her father Peter Lawrence said he was "encouraged" by the continued police activity relating to the disappearance.
    "It is to be hoped that the matter can be resolved as soon as possible and I encourage people to continue to come forward with information to the police," he said.

    A review of the case in October 2013 led to two arrests but no-one has ever been charged.

    A 59-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder last May and was later released from bail.
    Another 47-year-old man was held on suspicion of perverting the course of justice last July and remains on bail while inquiries continue.

    Det Supt Dai Malyn said the force "strongly advises the media and members of the public against identifying the man who has been arrested".
    "I urge everyone to show restraint and patience while we carry out these very important inquiries," he said.

    Last week, police released new CCTV footage to coincide with the sixth anniversary of Miss Lawrence's disappearance. (CCTV footage:

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