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    They need to search any areas they can to see if she has been killed and can be located. They need to organize a search party. Sounds as if someone may have harmed her. I cannot imagine a woman being loved so much by her family abandoning them in this way. I feel she's either been harmed or she is being held against her will, which has happened, so it is not completely out of the question.

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    MISSING Claudia Lawrence had 40 lovers, a pal claims.
    Police have said the answer to the chef's disappearance probably lies in her "complex" private life.

    A best mate, who did not want to be named, said yesterday: "She went for married men - she got a kick out of it.

    "She is very different in drink and there had been a lot of men, 30 or 40."

    But building boss Paddy McGinty, 46 - who dated her for ten years - has hit out at the criticism.

    Paddy, from Claudia's home town of Malton, North Yorks, insisted: "She's a sweet, lovely girl."

    Claudia, 35, was last seen on March 18 after leaving work as a chef at York University.

    Cops believe she has been murdered.

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    He boarded a bus near her home minutes around the time someone resembling him was seen arguing with a woman along Miss Lawrence's route to work.
    The scene happened on March 19, the morning after she was last seen or in contact with her family and friends.
    Detectives believe Miss Lawrence, 35, could have been attacked or abducted as she walked to her job in the kitchens at York University's Goodricke College that day.
    They say the passenger seen getting on the 5.93am Coastliner service at East Parade bears striking similarities to the man involved in the argument.
    He bought a single ticket to Leeds and his journey would have taken him along the Miss Lawrence's two-mile route to work from her home in Heworth Road.
    Det Supt Ray Galloway, head of the investigation, said: "Our efforts to identify the man have been unsuccessful and we are now appealing to anyone who recognises him from the CCTV images to get in touch.
    "Or better still, if the man recognises himself, we appeal to him to contact us as he could have important information which could assist the investigation."
    The man was wearing a dark-coloured jacket with what appears to be a lighter coloured hoodie top underneath. He was also wearing blue jeans and had short, mid-brown hair.
    He appeared to be of slim build and was carrying a brown-coloured bag.
    The man paid for his fare with his left hand and the man involved in the argument was smoking a cigarette which he held in his left hand.
    A passing cyclist has told officers they had seen a man and woman on Melrosegate Bridge at around 5.35am on March 19.
    The man was described at the time as around 5ft 6in tall, of thin build and was wearing a dark-coloured hooded top with the hood up and dark combat trousers with pockets on the side.
    Police believe Miss Lawrence, whose father Peter, a solicitor, has mounted a relentless campaign to find her, has probably come to harm.

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    Regulars at the Nag's Head in York will be in sombre mood on Friday. It will be six months to the day since the mysterious disappearance of their friend Claudia Lawrence sparked one of the biggest investigations in the history of North Yorkshire Police.
    In a desperate effort to find his missing daughter, Claudia's father Peter Lawrence will hold a press conference in the place that has been a focus for police investigations into her relationships. The nondescript pub is just a few doors down from the cottage where Claudia used to live on the outskirts of York, and was a regular haunt for the 35-year-old chef.
    Claudia's mother, Joan, will not be there next Friday. She will continue to keep a low profile – struggling to deal with the fact that her daughter has simply vanished without trace.
    Speaking at her home in the Yorkshire village of Norton, the 65-year-old broke her silence to give her first national newspaper interview since her daughter's disappearance. "I feel terrible. It seems like a lifetime. I miss her every day. We talked on the phone almost every day and met up every week. It's totally out of character. She'd never do this. She'd never put us through this. It's hell. I can't describe the situation any other way," said Mrs Lawrence.
    She has not heard from Claudia since Wednesday 18 March, when the two made plans over the phone to meet up on Mothering Sunday.
    Police have spent much of the past few months focusing on her daughter's love life. Yet this has so far failed to bring them any closer to finding her. Her mother is angry with the tabloid press. "Everything gets twisted and all they've done is blacken her name and I'm not happy about that at all. Ninety per cent that has been said about her isn't true."
    She claims her daughter could have been abducted and taken abroad. "There was this report about some white slave trade going in York. Someone tried to abduct a student from the university, outside the Minster, and she was rescued. It just makes you think. And there's another 35-year-old girl who went missing about six months before Claudia, and it makes me wonder what's going on."
    Clearly frustrated at the lack of progress, she accused the police of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. "Personally I think they've made an awful lot of mistakes. I think the first 72 hours are absolutely crucial," she said. "I've been told [by a woman who used to work for the police] that the way the case is going and way it has been conducted, she's ashamed to have ever been in the police force.
    "I just wish the police had been just a bit more tactful and a bit more sensitive. There have been days when they've come here and I've felt I could have been anyone sitting here talking to them, not her mum."
    Claudia's disappearance has prompted more than 1,200 calls to police hotlines, searches of hundreds of properties, Crimewatch appeals, a £10,000 reward and pleas for help by Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York. But she remains missing and, by the police at least, presumed dead. And the number of police working on the case has been reduced by more than half.
    Not knowing what has happened to her daughter is hard for her mother to cope with. "People say I'm doing brilliantly but I'm not inside. It's just going on too long. I don't know what is going on. Somebody does know something. Something's got to happen. There's got to be a turnaround because I don't think anyone's going to come forward."
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    The mother of missing chef Claudia Lawrence has accused detectives of committing a series of 'awful mistakes' since her disappearance.
    Joan Lawrence, 66, said officers had also behaved insensitively in the days, weeks and months after her daughter vanished on March 18.
    She spoke as her family prepares to mark six months since the 35-year-old went missing from her home in Malton, North Yorkshire.

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    POLICE investigating the disappearance of British woman Claudia Lawrence who has been missing for six months, have said she could be in Cyprus.

    A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire police told The Cyprus Mail yesterday that four of their officers had arrived on the island on Wednesday. The officers are talking to British nationals who knew Lawerence, as part of their investigation.

    According to British press reports, the 35-year-old was a frequent visitor to the island, where she befriended a number of men who police are keen to trace and talk to.

    Lawrence, a chef, was last seen leaving work at the University of York on March 18 and has not been seen or heard of since then.

    At a news conference to mark the sixth month anniversary of her disappearance yesterday, Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway, who is leading the investigation, confirmed that officers had been sent to Cyprus in an attempt to locate a man she is said to have known.

    Galloway said Lawrence had been planning a trip to Cyprus and received a text from a man on the island at 9.12pm (GMT) on the night of her disappearance.

    North Yorkshire police have confirmed that the man was British but is resident on the island. It does not appear that he is being treated as a suspect in the case.

    "We actually have officers in Cyprus at the moment. We have had a Cypriot link from the start of the investigation in that the very last text that Claudia received was from a man in Cyprus.

    "We don't know whether she actually ever opened that text but during the course of the investigation those lines of inquiry have developed on the island.

    Lawrence’s links to the island were not limited to the sender of the message. Galloway said “It has become apparent that Claudia knew several people who live on the island.

    "It is believed that during her visits to Cyprus she has also received job offers, hence the need to pursue these lines of inquiry."

    "She could be in Cyprus."

    Lawrence's background was "comprehensive but incomplete", Galloway said, and added that some men who had been in a relationship with her had been "reluctant and less than candid".

    He said police had contacted the man in Cyprus from whom she received the text message.

    "”He has been co-operative with us. However, over the past six months, inquiries have led to a broader knowledge of the fact that she knew different people, several people, on the island of Cyprus, all of whom are British and most of whom work out there or live out there," he said.

    "Some of the people that we have contacted have denied knowing Claudia or being in a relationship with her. I don't believe this to be true.

    "One of the people we are seeking to speak to in Cyprus was actually in Britain on March 18. That gentleman has been spoken to and has given an account of his movements. However, in order to definitively establish his movements, to a level that is required of a murder investigation, he needs to be spoken to personally." He said it was evident that Claudia was planning to go out to Cyprus again fairly soon.

    The detective said she was seeking to obtain flights to the island but was possibly going to defer travelling as the flights were expensive due to the school holidays.

    He said she had travelled to the country "four or five times" in recent years.

    He said: "She may well be in Cyprus. But of course her passport is in her house.

    "Now, if she has gone to Cyprus, she would have to do so by other means. There is nothing at all to suggest this will be the case but one of the key aspects of the case is we still don't know, on March 18 and 19, what happened to Claudia.

    Lawrence was last seen on March 18 near her home in the Heworth area of York. She was due to walk the three miles to work on March 19 for a shift beginning at 6am but she never turned up.

    She left her cards, cash and passport behind. But her mobile phone - a silver Samsung D900 - and a blue rucksack, in which she carried her chef's whites, have still yet to be located.

    Detectives have said that they are convinced Lawrence has come to harm and they have focused their investigation on her complex relationships with a number of men.

    North Yorkshire police also confirmed that they are working with the assistance of the Cyprus police and with permission from the Cyprus government.

    (The UK Press Association contributed to this story)

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    MISSING chef Claudia Lawrence's dad told yesterday how the family are facing up to the "dreadful" prospect of Christmas without her.

    Peter Lawrence, 63, said: "We've had Claudia for 35 years and she's always been around for Christmas.
    "Now, unless there's a miracle, this year she won't be. It's going to be absolutely dreadful."
    Mr Lawrence was speaking at the unveiling of a big-screen version of the "Where Are You" poster about Claudia, 35.
    She was last seen near her home in York on March 18 after leaving work at the University of York.
    She was reported missing after she failed to turn up the next day.
    Police are treating her disappearance as suspected murder.

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    The father of missing chef Claudia Lawrence left a direct message to his daughter in a Christmas and New Year appeal on YouTube.
    Peter Lawrence, 63, of Slingsby, North Yorkshire, looks directly into the camera as he tells the 35-year-old: "All we want is for you to be back with us."
    Miss Lawrence was last seen near her home in Heworth, York, on March 18 and was reported missing after she failed to arrive at work at the University of York the following morning.
    North Yorkshire Police have since classed the investigation into her disappearance as one of suspected murder.
    Mr Lawrence, a solicitor, has made continued appeals to try to find his daughter since she went missing.
    In the latest one-minute 50-second video, he tells Miss Lawrence: "Claudia, if you are out there and able to see this but for some reason not able to contact any of us, we love you dearly, we miss you so very, very much and all we want is for you to be back with us."
    He also appeals for anyone with information about his daughter's disappearance to come forward.
    "It is really important for this message to keep coming out that Claudia is missing, that we miss her very much, and we believe that some people, or some person, has a piece of information which they may not think is important, but could be the final link that allows the police to get somewhere with this investigation," he said.
    "Nine months now the family have suffered this loss greatly, and it's very hard to keep this message coming but I will keep the message coming until such time that we have a resolution to this. So if you are the person who has this piece of information, it may not be important at all to you but for everyone's sake, for our sake, please give that information to the police or to Crimestoppers."
    Mr Lawrence uses the video to thank those who have visited and left messages on the Find Claudia website. To watch Mr Lawrence's message follow the link on

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    THE father of missing Malton chef Claudia Lawrence has issued an emotional new year appeal on his website asking for anyone who has information about the disappearance of his daughter to come forward.
    In the message Peter Lawrence thanks everyone "for the millions of visits to the website from across the UK and the world which means a lot to me and the family".

    And he expresses gratitude for the 5,000 messages which have been posted on

    "It is extremely important for the message to keep coming out that Claudia is missing and that someone somewhere has the information that the police need to resolve this investigation," said Mr Law- rence, of Slingsby.

    "It is over nine months now since the family has suffered this great loss: it is very hard to keep this message coming but I will keep it coming until we have some resolution.

    "So if you are the person who has this piece of information, please, for our sake, give North Yorkshire Police or Crimestoppers a call."

    And in a direct, personal message to his 35-year-old daughter, Mr Lawrence said: "Claudia, if you are out there and able to see this but for some reason not able to contact any of us, we love you dearly, we miss you so very, very much and all we want is for you to be back with us."

    Anyone with any information should call North Yorkshire Police on 0845 6060247 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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