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Thread: LITTLE MISS X, October 31, 1958, Arizona

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    Default Re: On The Subject of Miss X Being Connie Smith


    Dallas Morning News
    Nov. 25th, 1962

    Denver Colo. (AP) The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a Wyoming girl from a Connecticut summer camp 10 years ago defied solution again Sunday.

    A dental surgeon, Dr. avid N. Berman, and a pathologist, Dr. George I. Ogura, said an examination of bones found near Arizona's Grand Canyon in 1958 indicated they were not the skeletal remains of Connie Smith, grandaughter of former Wyoming Governor Nels. H. Smith. They said undersheriff Clark Cole of Coconino County, Ariz. concurred in their findings.

    Connie vanished from camp in 1952 at the age of 10.

    Her father, Peter Smith of Newcastle, Wyo. said he had felt that Connie was a victim of amnesia and would someday turn up alive.

    The girl's mother died last December, apparently of a heart attack.

    The undersheriff arrived in Denver Saturday from Spearfish, S.D. with the skull of the skeleton found in Arizona, 2,500 miles from the Connecticut camp.

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    Default Re: On The Subject of Miss X Being Connie Smith

    Quote Originally Posted by perl View Post
    I googled a bit and found the prevalence of a superumerary tooth is approx .05% in samples of approx 8200 schoolchildren. Not too common....
    So, about 41 kids would have it in 8200.... or 1 in 200... If I did my math right (no telling.... Ha!)

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    Default Re: Description, Little Miss X

    Her choice of clothing, if it was her choice, confuses me. If she was from the area, was it just chilly enough to make her wear the sweater ?? The capri pants I relate with warmer weather, but weren't they in style then, so the younger girls would wear them even if they froze to death, right ??

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    Would it be safe to say that Little Miss X was established to be
    Caucazoid-Mongoloid? Dr. Turner came to that conclusion based upon
    the skull which is now mostly missing. Sheriff Guilliland's cold case
    group has sent hair and a piece of the skull off for DNA sampling for
    comparison with a Native American family who said that a member of
    their family went missing in 1958. The member was of the right age.
    It will probably take a while for the comparison due to the low priority.

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    Hey, thanks for the update. That;s what they said back them the original doctor that examined her, white/Indian.

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    Sheriff Clark Cole

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    star2 Help Sought !!!! Newport, Rhode Island

    On the off chance, and it is unlikely that this coould be her,but last night I was looking in some old newspaper archives (big surprise there) and I seen an article about people missing in Newport, Rhode Island. It mentioned a 13-year-old girl that went missing there in 1958 that was stillmissing when the article came out in 1973. Need to find out what that girl's name was please. I know nothing else about it as of right now.
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    1/25/1958, Newport

    Body of 12 year old girl, Leslie Benedict found. 26 year old Paul Edward Huber admitted killing her after she resisted his advances.

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    Default Re: Help Sought !!!! Newport, Rhode Island

    Diana Duffy, an 11 year old runaway that lived between CT and RI.

    11/12/1958, Newport

    Search Widens
    For Missing Girl
    PRESTON, Conn. (AP) — The
    mother of a missing 11-year-old
    girl today appealed for any information
    concerning the mysterio
    u s circumstances surrounding
    her daughter's disappearance six
    days ago..
    Diana Duffy, 78 pounds, three
    and a half feet tall, was walking
    towards her grandmother's house
    last Friday wnen she disappeared.
    State police said they are without
    any clues.
    The girl's mother, Mrs. Robert
    Duffy of Alton, R.I., pleaded to
    anyone who might have taken her
    daughter, she said.
    "it anyone has my little girl,
    please return her."
    Meanwhile, yesterday, a 200-
    man search party was joined by a
    special 20-man crew from Westerly,
    R.I. and 50 sailors from the
    U.S. naval base at Groton.
    The Westerly Ambulance Corps
    squad spread the search down to
    the banks of the Thames River
    and through several near - by
    ponds. Other searchers continued
    combing through the hundreds 'of
    acres of heavily wooded hills and
    Little Diana lived with her
    grandmother during the week and
    joined her parents on the weekends.
    She disappeared once before
    in September but turned up at a
    Taftville house a few hours after
    a search had been begun
    Mrs. Duffy said that her daughr
    liked to run away but not for
    any apparent reason.
    The chld had not been in school
    in recent months, her grandmother s
    said, because she had school
    roblems. She spent her time at
    the grandmother's home.

    -------------------------- Updated - This is an earlier time she ran away!


    TAFTV1LLE, Conn. (AP) — An
    11-year-old Preston girl who had
    been missing all night was found
    unharmed here early today.
    More than 150 volunteers with
    state police bloodhounds searched
    through most of the night for
    Dianne Duffy. She was reported
    missing by her parents around 5
    p.m. yesterday.
    The 1 worse
    girl appeared none
    for her experience.

    ------------------------- Update - Found Dead


    Missing Girl's Body
    Found In Conn. Cove
    PRESTON, Conn. (AP) — The
    body of 11-year-old Diana
    Duffy, who was sought'by search
    parties for eight days, was found
    fa a cove on the Thames River
    The little girl liked to leave
    her home and wander down railroad
    tracks. Police said she was
    walking across a railroad trestle
    just 1000 feet from her home
    when she felt into the cove,
    named "Duffy's Cove" after Diana's
    family. Her body was discovered
    Medical' Examiner George H.
    Gildersleeve, after an autopsy yesterday,
    said death was due to accidental
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    Default Re: Help Sought !!!! Newport, Rhode Island

    In Rhode Island paper, but a missing Lackawanna girl... Betty Ann Miklos, 18.

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