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    an6 Genette Tate, 1978, UK

    Genette Tate: Lack of evidence kept child killer Black out of dock
    10 June 2009
    THE police investigation into the disappearance of Genette Tate took a step backwards when the Crown Prosecution Service decreed there was insufficient evidence to bring charges against serial child killer Robert Black, who had admitted to sex crime expert Ray Wyre that he targeted girls on bikes.

    Black, who is serving ten life sentences, had long been considered the prime suspect.

    News that he was not to face charges came on the 30th anniversary of Genette's disappearance last year.

    Black has made no admissions over the Genette Tate case, but neither did he assist detectives who saw him put away for a minimum of 35 years for the abduction and murder of three young girls and the attempted abduction of a fourth.

    When he left the dock at Newcastle Crown Court in 1994, he remarked: "Well done, boys."

    His comment was directed at detectives, who painstakingly collected damning evidence with no help from their suspect.

    John Tate, Genette's father, has written to Black, saying he wants to bury his daughter before he dies. Black is not known to have replied.

    Whatever the truth, the fact remains that Genette Tate is still missing almost 31 years after she disappeared.

    The case remains open.

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    Notorious cold case twist as mystery letters sent to families warning ‘missing schoolgirl Genette Tate is buried in one of your gardens’

    TWENTY shocked families have been sent sinister letters claiming the body of schoolgirl Genette Tate lies buried in one of their gardens.

    The youngster’s disappearance while delivering newspapers in 1978 sparked Britain’s longest running missing persons investigation.

    She was never found and detectives believe she was the first victim of paedophile Robert Black, who served 12 life sentences for killing four young girls in the 1980s.

    Genette, 13, vanished in Aylesbeare, Devon, but lived in the Priorswood area of Taunton, Somerset.

    At least 20 homes in her street are said to have received handwritten letters saying: “Buried under the shed in the back garden of a house in Wedlands is the body of the 13-year-old Genette Tate.

    “Police all around the world know where that Genette’s body is in that back garden but will not recover her as this would warrant an investigation.

    “I can’t give you the exact house number as the police will use it against me by alleging I am harassing the owners of that house.

    “Please share this information with your friends, family and work colleagues.”

    One resident, a mother of three, said: “It came through Royal Mail with stamps, and addressed to the homeowner. I was just shocked and concerned more than anything.

    “You go through all sorts of what ifs. What if that girl has been in my garden?

    “Then you think who has sent it and what sort of mind are they in?”

    She added: “It’s probably not true but the thought is still there. From what I have been told there were about 20 more letters that were sent, and I have had people come up to me saying they got it as well.

    “It really upset me. You start thinking ‘what if that was my daughter’.

    “There’s probably no truth in it at all, but you still think about it all the time, your mind boggles.”

    Cops told the mother they believe the letters are from a sick hoaxer.

    PC Gavin Clemons of Taunton police said: “We are aware of the letters and the contents. We have identified the author and he will be spoken to in due course.

    “The claims are not credible and we are endeavouring to speak to all the recipients to provide reassurance.”

    Last year police submitted a file to prosecutors naming Robert Black as Genette’s killer.

    The monster died in prison in January 2016, weeks before he would have been charged with her murder.

    He has been linked with as many as 17 other killings in the UK and on the Continent.

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